Double Cross runs on a D10 system. Players roll one to twenty ten-sided dice, and select the one die with the highest number as their score. All modifiers will be calculated based on that die.


Character Leveling


Double Cross uses a level-free system. Players use experience points to buy stats or abilities from their character's class ability sets. There is no need to buy an ability just to have access to another.


More importantly, experience points are rewarded based on roleplay and game participation. Roleplaying, assisting your fellow player, and helping the GM move the adventure's story forward will be rewarded.


Syndromes - The Classes of Double Cross


Abilities are grouped into twelve “classes” known as Syndromes. Each Syndrome has its own ability theme, and while they each have specialties, any combat role can be accomplished using any Syndrome. Characters have anywhere between one to three Syndromes.

World Hunter

The game's twelve Syndromes are as follows:

Angel Halo

 Light manipulation and sensory enhancement, with a slight emphasis on long-ranged attacks using guns or superpowers.



The Syndrome that controls time and gravity. Weaken enemies by giving them bad statuses and penalties towards their rolls.


Black Dog

Black Dog has the power of lightning and electricity at its disposal. Use this power to attack or to power machinery that has been grafted onto your character.


Bram Stoker

The Syndrome of blood. Bram Stoker Overeds can sacrifice their own HP to directly attack enemies, or create Servant characters to do the fighting for them.



Overeds with this Syndrome gain the vitality of a primal beast. Melee attacks and survival are this Syndrome's specialty.



Exile Overeds can twist and shape their bodies like clay, allowing them to attack and dodge in ways that are normally impossible. This Syndrome has both offensive and defensive options at its disposal.



Hanuman is all about speed and sound waves. Hanuman has more movement options, and abilities that enhance the actions of other characters.


Morpheus Overeds are able to transform an object into anything they desire, regardless of what the object's original mass was. This Syndrome has several Item creation powers.



Those that develop this Syndrome gain great intelligence and a mind capable of processing immense amounts of information quickly. In battle, Neumann powers increase the chance for a roll to critical, and help improve the rolls of other characters.



Orcus grants a person a Domain, a large area where a person can command the laws of physics and nature itself. Orcus can make abilities target several characters at once.



This Syndrome commands both fire and ice. Many Salamandra abilities concentrate on dealing direct damage to the enemy.



Solaris Overeds are able to create various chemicals within their bodies and use them to heal allies or harm enemies. Solaris tends to play a more supportive role, as a majority of its abilities revolve around giving allies bonuses or giving enemies penalties and bad statuses.

Encroachment Rate


The Encroachment Rate is a measure of how much of the Renegade's power a character has access to. With a high rate, characters earn numerous bonuses and increased firepower. However, if at the end of the session a character's rate is above 100%, that character is lost forever.


Lois System


To counteract the Encroachment Rate, players must make use of the Lois System. Loises are representations of a character's connections to the world, and the more a character, the more the Encroachment Rate can be lowered at the end of a session.


Loises do more than just lower the Encroachment Rate. By sacrificing them, characters can gain various one-time bonuses. Since only up to seven Loises can be acquired during a single session, players must manage a resource that has many benefits, but must not be overused.

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