This is a game about struggle. A virus called the Renegade has been unleashed onto the world, giving a select few super abilities and nigh-invulnerability. This power gives people the means to chase their dreams and fight the evils of the world, but this power comes with a price; the mind and soul will be slowly eroded away, turning a man into a monster, a slave to animal instinct.

There will always be a dream worth chasing, or a battle that must be fought, and for those times, power is needed. Just look back to whom and what you are fighting for, and you may survive whatever the Renegade does to you.


The Game


Double Cross is game set in a modern world filled with Overeds, people who command superhuman abilities. The Renegade virus is the source of these superpowers, and it eats away at an Overed's sanity as he uses his powers. Those that completely lose their sanity to the Renegade become Gjaums, super-powerful monsters that are driven by base impulses.


To counteract the effects of the Renegade, Overeds must form relationships with people who have some influence in their lives. Be they friend or foe, these people will act as reminders of what is most important, which will help anchor an Overed's sanity.


In this game, you will become one of these Overeds. You will have great power, power that comes at an equally great price. As you play, you will have to decide what is worth risking your sanity for, and where you will draw the line.

Publication History

Double Cross 2nd Edition

Double Cross 3rd Edition

Double Cross first began as an entry in the Game Field Awards, an annual competition held by Far East Amusement Research for amateur analog game designers. Initially titled Universal Guardians, the game was entered into the 2000 Game Field Awards and won 3rd place.


Universal Guardians redeveloped into Double Cross and published its first edition in 2001. Since then, the game has gone through two revisions. The latest revision, the 3rd Edition, was published in 2009. The current English translation of the core rulebook and all supplements are based on this latest release.

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Double Cross

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